Aromatherapy Sessions-

Book a private consultation to help address your dogs needs.

FREE Intro Call

A FREE 15 minute phone call:

a) to help you understand what I offer and how it works.

b) for me to get a quick overview of your concern.

c) to see if we would be the right fit to work together.

It is strongly encouraged to have this chat before committing to a private consultation.

Private Consultation

Aromatherapy Session $120

Includes one 60 minute session where we discuss your concerns, your dogs health and wellbeing and how we can help them. This session can be conducted by phone, Zoom or in person**

You receive a personalised plan and/or protocol specific to your dogs needs with easy to follow instructions including sample oils to try.

2-4 follow up appointments either by phone or Zoom to review progress and assess if any changes need to be made to the suggested protocol. This will be determined case by case as needed.

Option to purchase aromatherapy supplies (additional costs will occur).

**In person consultations are only available to certain areas and will incur extra charges depending on your location.

Lisa is a Certified Animal Aromatherapy Specialist and is part of the Essential Oil Vet Network of Certified Animal Aromatherapy consultants. Each week they meet to discuss cases with each other and with veterinarian Dr Janet Roark.